Child Clinical Psychologists at our clinics will encourage parents or caregivers to be part of sessions, especially if your child is in Primary school or younger. This will help you and your child to feel comfortable and happy to come to sessions and we see that therapy is more effective and worthwhile for the whole family.

You are the most important person in your child’s life and so you will be instrumental in helping your child with managing emotions, building confidence and settling with sleep, eating and social play. We want to equip you with all the understanding, support and strategies to help your child. So, we make it a priority to include you in sessions as much as possible.

Research in neurobiology and attachment has long shown the importance of the parenting relationship for helping a child build great relationships and emotional regulation skills. More recent research in child psychology is showing that when a parent is part of the treatment this has long term benefit for the child (and we believe for you also!).

When you come to our clinics, we encourage you to ask questions, participate and to share your feedback. If you have any questions about how we structure sessions for children and families, please phone 1300 635 952 or send an email and we can arrange a time to phone you to discuss.