Teen counselling by highly trained Clinical Psychologists

Finding your teenager a Psychologist in Melbourne


Finding your teenager a Psychologist in Melbourne can be a difficult step when there are so many Psychologists and counsellors to choose from. We want to make the process simple and easy.

Our Adolescent Clinical Psychologists have specific training and qualifications in working with adolescents and we also have the years of experience in making connections with teens.

We will match your teenager with the Psychologist and therapy that will suit them and your family. Talk to us about building connections, and helping  your teen with school, social anxiety, sleep, self esteem and depression. We design sessions to be engaging, supportive and include parents and family where possible to enhance family relationships.  

We can help teenagers with



Social Anxiety and OCD


Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge eating and Body Image Concerns


Panic attacks and Panic Disorder


Social skills and relationship problems




Sleep problems and insomnia


Problems with school: exam stress and learning difficulties




Gender Identity Concerns


Managing medical conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes and injury or illness

FAQ’s for adolescent Psychologist sessions


My teenager is nervous about coming, what should I do?

Meeting a new person and talking openly can be daunting especially if your teen has been withdrawing and less talkative for a long time. We make it as easygoing and comfortable as possible. Our adolescent Clinical Psychologists are experienced at working with teenagers. It’s great if parents can come to the first session and we highly recommend this. You might stay for part or the whole of the session. We like to ask questions about the family and about early childhood so it’s really helpful if you are there too. When your teen is ready to talk by themselves, you can relax in our waiting room. We can all come together at the end of the counselling session to talk about the next steps.


Is every session confidential?

Every session and all information communicated to your Psychologist is confidential unless we are worried about someone being at risk of harm or if there is a legal obligation for us to disclose information. We talk with teenagers about privacy and about the things that are important to share with parents. We want the best for your teenager. So that means we might talk with you about their needs. We also help teenagers open up to parents.


Can I have sessions with my teenager to improve our relationship?

If your teen would like to have counselling sessions with you then we think that is a great idea. Our Psychologists regularly have sessions with teens and parents to help with communication. We can share ideas about independence and help with arguments and any changes at home.


My teenager isn’t ready for a session. Can I come and talk to you first and do you have offices near to me?

Yes! Parenting teens is very different from parenting young children. We help you to improve communication and connection. Our offices are conveniently located in South Eastern Melbourne and our online sessions are high quality and easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. 

Teenager Psychologist Melbourne