Caring Perinatal and Postnatal support for mothers and fathers

Postnatal Depression Support in Melbourne

We provide caring support and evidence based treatment for parent and infant well-being. Sessions can focus upon antenatal support including fertility counselling, worrying and rumination, difficulty sleeping and panic. Our Clinical Psychologists have training and extensive experience in treating postnatal depression and postnatal anxiety. Treatment is designed to support you and can help with mood changes, worrying thoughts and your relationship with your baby and your partner.

You do not need to be diagnosed with PND in order to seek treatment for feeling sad or depressed during or after pregnancy. It may be short-lived or related to lack of sleep and hormonal changes. It can still help to have support during this time and we can also help to protect you from developing more significant symptoms.

After having a child you can experience lots of changes in your emotional well being. We see many mums and dads who seek support for recovering from the birthing experience, through to adjusting to life as a parent. Our Child Psychologists can help you with managing sleeping patterns, separation anxiety, crying, temper tantrums, anxiety, and attachment difficulties.

We can help you with perinatal and postnatal challenges like


Difficulties with Conception


Adjusting to Pregnancy


Your Relationship and Parenting


Managing temper tantrums and anger outbursts


Post Natal Concerns including Depression and Anxiety


Sleeping Difficulties: Parents and Infants or Children


Parenting Strategies for Infants, Children and Adolescents


Help With Your Emotions in Parenting


Concerns Regarding Development


Managing medical conditions such as Diabetes, Developmental Disorders and injury or illness

FAQ’s about seeing a perinatal and postnatal psychologist


Do you offer support for IVF?

IVF can be challenging for many women and their partners. So we provide support to manage the emotional ups and downs, which means that your well-being and relationship can benefit. It can be a long journey and having a confidential space to talk can mean a world of difference.


How can we prepare emotionally for parenting?

During pregnancy we think about choosing the best stroller, cot, and other baby items. But sometimes we neglect our emotional selves. Preparing to cope with sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, and improve communication with our partner is just as important.


I’m exhausted – how can I leave the house to see you?

We understand the exhaustion. The early days of parenting can bring sleep deprivation and leaving the house can feel impossible. This is why our clinic spaces are quiet and calming and it can provide a break away from home. We welcome you to bring your baby to the sessions and there are toys to occupy toddlers. We also offer online sessions and can time sessions to suit baby sleep times.


Can I bring my baby or young child in for a parenting session?

Yes, we have a large waiting room area with toys and our offices are designed for children as well as adults. Many mums and dads bring in their babies during sessions and we can time the session so it suits sleeping and feeding.

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