Now your children are learning mindfulness in the classroom, how can you bring it into the home in really easy ways as a parent? It is challenging to find twenty minutes to meditate every day, and when we do find that time sometimes we are not that sure what to do. There are some great mindfulness apps, however we like to make mindfulness really accessible and immediately effective which means that you notice the benefit for yourself, for the way that you respond as a parent and also for the ways that we think about learning to manage our emotions as a child.
Mindfulness really does mean just paying attention to the present moment. You can do meditation for 20 minutes or an hour at a time or you can simply start paying attention every so often. The easiest way is to choose something you do each day a number of times:
having a glass of water, a cup of tea, checking your facebook / email…..

Choose an action and then choose at this time to be aware of yourself; be aware of your body posture, your breathing, what you see around you, the swirl of milk in the coffee you are making, the small bubbles in a glass of water. Choose at this time to pay attention without judging. To allow the thoughts of other things; past, future, worries….to be set to the side. You might say to yourself “I can think that thought through another time; I can have 30 seconds just to pay attention to what I see, feel, touch….”

If you do this small action a number of times a day you are practicing what psychologists call “meta awareness”. You are observing your thoughts. Meta awareness leads to a greater awareness of choice. We can choose what thought we think through, we can choose to shift position, to notice patterns, we can choose to problem solve a problem that may have solutions, rather than immersing ourselves in worry, judgement and feelings of powerlessness.

If you would like more resources on mindfulness, please contact us and we can email through some recommendations. If you would like to try a class on mindfulness: we schedule small classes occasionally, offer individual sessions and can incorporate mindfulness into tailored therapy sessions that might focus on specific concerns.