Anxiety is a universal experience and the symptoms can be helpful in times of danger, but when it becomes overwhelming you can feel alone and very worried. This is why it is so important to reach out and seek anxiety treatment when you are worried for most of the day or you are beginning to notice the impact upon day-to-day activities and your relationships.

Seeing a Clinical Psychologist means that you have the one-to-one support and you can begin to experience relief from sharing your worries. Our tailored therapy sessions will provide you with guidance and improvements from day one.

The treatment of anxiety has one of the strongest evidence bases in psychology research today which means that we know what works and we really enjoy seeing our clients not only gain relief from anxiety, but also make wonderful changes to their lives.

Some common types of anxiety concerns are:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessions can be thoughts that keep on “getting stuck” in your head. They are repetitive and can be about the past, present or future. Compulsions are the actions you take to try and prevent harm and stop the anxious thoughts and feelings.

When you do a compulsion you can experience this “just right” feeling – it gives you a break from the anxious thoughts and feelings. The problem is that you have to keep doing the compulsions to calm and it often seems that the compulsions get bigger or multiply over time.

This is when it is really important to seek help. We can provide a clear explanation of what is happening, why it is happening and how to help you reduce the obsessions and compulsions and gain relief from OCD.

Panic Disorder

Panic attacks can feel horrible and unpleasant. Having panic attacks can mean you start to avoid situations or places due to fear that you might have another attack.

Panic attacks occur when your central nervous system prepares you to fight or flee from danger and this can be super uncomfortable when you are at a party with friends, in the supermarket or simply at home trying to get to sleep.

Anxiety treatment is highly effective for panic attacks and you will be equipped with ways to experience relief quickly and prevent panic attacks from re-occurring. Your Clinical Psychologist will explain clearly what is happening for your body and why you are experiencing a panic attack which means you develop this sense of mastery! A feeling that you know how to cope with anxiety and you can start enjoying socialising, exercising and working again.