Choosing a Psychologist from the many Psychologists available in Melbourne can be quite daunting. So we’ve thought about the important steps to consider in choosing the best Psychologist for you or for your family.


Your family, friends or GP might have some recommendations of Psychologists. Your GP might know of local Psychologists who have experience in the concerns you have described. They could recommend someone who has seen patients with similar difficulties and had good feedback, and so this can help you find the right match. Your family or friends might have seen someone that they clicked with, but it is important to make the right decision for you.

Personal preference

You might feel more comfortable with a male or a female Psychologist or prefer to see someone who is older or younger than you. The setting can also be important; whether it be a comfortable, spacious office, or a more clinical/ medical setting. There are Psychologists who focus upon women’s health or have expertise in engaging young children or adolescents. If you are choosing for your teenager, you could ask them who they would prefer to talk to.

Which therapy style is right for me?

Psychologists will all have their unique style of delivering therapy and this will contribute to the quality of the therapeutic relationship. The therapeutic relationship has been an important area of research because it makes a difference to the outcome of the therapy. Key attributes of Psychologists that have been found to be important for the therapeutic relationship include:

  • non-judgmental
  • conveying understanding
  • supportive
  • empathic
  • genuine in their interest and regard for you
What type of therapy is best for me?

Psychologists and therapists are trained in different types of therapy. Your therapist could be trained in Psycho-Analytic therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a supportive counselling approach…to name just a few. Clinical Psychologists have training in a range of therapies. As part of your initial session they will consider your individual needs, as well as the research evidence, to formulate a treatment plan specific to you.

Location and convenience

Choosing a Psychologist who is close to your home or work, can make it convenient to attend appointments. Many Psychologists offer after hours or Saturday appointments. This can mean the difference between rushing around or truly making this a time for you. Telehealth is becoming more popular especially in the current crisis or if you live in a regional area of Victoria. So even if your Psychologist is an hour away, you can still see them at a time that suits you. You might choose to have an initial appointment face to face and then continue with video / online appointments.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Do you worry that you will run into your Psychologist in the supermarket or on the sports oval? Psychologists are very conscious of the need to protect your privacy. Your Psychologist can discuss with you the options if you do see them unexpectedly. Sometimes a simple smile is all that is needed.

How can Melbourne Clinical & Child Psychology help you with choosing a Psychologist?


  • Your phone call will always be answered by a person with training in Psychology. This means you can ask questions about appointments, the structure of the session and what will happen in a session. This also means that you will speak with someone who has the expertise to help you choose the right Psychologist for you.
  • We have a number of Psychologists with different areas of expertise and who work with different ages. You can discuss your needs over the phone and we can make suggestions for you. All of us work together as a team and can coordinate you and your family’s care.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to pick up the phone to talk. That’s why for current clients we made it really easy with our Book Online system. Simply scroll through the profiles on our Clinical Psychologist Team page. Choose the right person for you and click Book Online. You can choose the date and time in an easy two step process.
  • If you meet with a Psychologist and for any reason decide they are not the right match for you then please phone reception. We can easily arrange an appointment with another Psychologist or help to recommend alternatives.

Our focus is upon your well-being and so let us help you with the next step.