Finding an EAP provider to support your staff

Employee Assistance Program in Melbourne


An Employee Assistance Program can make a big difference to an organisation. Navigating personal circumstances, work concerns or the impact of COVID-19, can be very challenging for employees and affect their performance. You can actively support your team by offering EAP counselling sessions, which enhance wellbeing in changing times and treat a range of concerns.

We provide easy and confidential access to EAP services for your staff. An initial counselling session is scheduled within the week. The EAP program is responsive to the needs of your employees and is designed to provide treatment quickly and effectively.

Our practice is staffed by Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists with postgraduate qualifications only, which means that we ensure that your staff receive support that is delivered by psychologists with the highest level of tertiary education and training available. This translates to effective and efficient sessions so that you reap the benefits of a productive and psychologically resilient workforce. There are no set up costs and no annual fees for our program.

Our EAP services provides support for common issues like 


Work Stress


Health or Injury Concerns


Adjusting to change in the workplace


Team morale


Personal Relationships


Depression and Anxiety


Grief, loss and adjustment to change


Parenting and children

FAQ’s about our EAP counselling


What happens during EAP sessions?

We offer sessions that focus on boosting morale and motivation that assist with maintaining productivity in the workplace. We provide strategies for enhancing concentration, memory and decision-making during times of stress. We can also assist with common concerns that can escalate at times of stress like depression, worry, anxiety and insomnia. Sessions are provided based upon a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework which is evidence based.


How many EAP sessions should I offer to staff?

We recommend offering staff members a minimum of 3 -5 sessions. Additional sessions can be approved on an individual basis. Sessions could be utilised by a staff member or their immediate family. We recognise that EAP is an investment in your organisation and so we are transparent in our billing practices and only bill for each individual session. There are no set up costs or ongoing annual fees for our program.


Will the EAP support sessions be easy to access for employees?

Yes. Workplace counselling is arranged through a secure online video platform, which offers easy, convenient, and safe sessions to your staff. This approach means that there is no travel time, which makes it easy for sessions to be fitted in between other commitments. We also have offices in Armadale and Beaumaris for face to face sessions.


Are the sessions confidential?

Yes, the sessions are confidential and invoices are anonymised if invoiced individually. Your organisation can purchase a package of sessions for a 12 month period and we will send itemised accounts to keep track of the sessions but all sessions and session content remains confidential (subject to the Privacy Act 2009). If a session is organised as a professional development training session and is educational in nature then we can make some provision for sharing of information to benefit the employee.


When can my staff attend sessions?

Sessions are available Monday to Saturday, as well as after hours. We ensure there is no waiting list and staff can choose their own Psychologist subject to availability.


What’s the next step?

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist your team. We’ll talk with you about tailoring our service to your organisation and getting started as soon as the next day.