We can help with behaviour problems and temper tantrums

Choosing a Child Psychologist in Melbourne?


When you’re choosing a Child Psychologist in Melbourne we think it’s important to speak to a Clinical Psychologist who knows all about child development. The best Child Psychologist will have training and qualifications in Child Psychology, but also offer kindness, fun and a sense of humour to engage children.

It’s really special to enter into a child’s world and discover their imagination. Kids also connect best with a Psychologist who can use play and games to find the best strategies to help with anxiety, sleep and behaviour problems. 

Parents can join all sessions and sometimes we suggest parent-only sessions for dedicated time for you. Sessions can also include talking to school teachers to help with recommendations and individualised learning plans so that your child is well supported. If you’re looking for a Child Psychologist, you can see us at our Melbourne based offices or reach out to us for online sessions from anywhere in Australia. 

Important Information:

We do not specialise in providing court reports or attending court, and we are not able to provide services if there are current family court processes or orders including intervention orders. We recommend choosing a Psychologist with expertise in this area. Please click here to access those services. 

Please note that we currently require both parents/ legal guardians to consent to psychology treatment for your child.

We do not invoice NDIS or NDIA or other third party funders. You may be entitled for a reimbursement by a third party funder and we recommend that you obtain this information prior to making an appointment.

We can help children with




School Readiness and School Refusal




Social skills


Eating disorders and difficulties with eating


Sleeping problems


Temper tantrums


Intelligence / Educational Assessments: Cognitive and Neuropsychological assessments provided


Separation anxiety or worry


Managing medical conditions such as Diabetes, Developmental Disorders and injury or illness

FAQs for seeing a Child Psychologist

Do I join my child in the session with the child psychologist?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage parents to come into sessions. It is important that your child is comfortable and happy and they need your support. You can join in with the strategies and games and ask lots of questions.


Can I see you first before I bring my child?

Yes, that would be a great first step. You can tell us about your child’s development and your family. You can also talk about your goals and we can focus on parenting strategies. Medicare does require your child to be present in the session for at least part of the time if you are accessing rebates. Sometimes we meet your child and you for the first session and then see parents in the second session. We structure sessions to suit you and your family.


I’m looking for a child behaviour psychologist near me, can you help?

Child Clinical Psychologists understand child developmental stages and the behaviours and emotions that accompany each stage. We can help work out whether your child’s behaviour is a “phase” or if you can benefit from parenting strategies to help with improving behaviours. For behaviour difficulties we often recommend parenting strategies sessions. We assess your child’s needs and then tailor our parenting guidance. Our parenting sessions are based upon evidence based parenting programs including Triple P and Tuning Into Kids. Parenting sessions can be organised near to you in Armadale or Beaumaris, or can be easily delivered by video sessions.


How long will it take before I start noticing benefits?

Sometimes parents just need one or two sessions to talk through some strategies to help with adjusting to change or temper tantrums. Children might need a number of sessions. These can help to develop confidence, tackle things they might feel afraid of or learn about helpful ways to manage their feelings. Your Child Psychologist will discuss with you every step of the way what to expect in therapy and guide you regarding time frames.

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